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Sound Bites (All Instruments)

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Sound Bites is a collection of imaginative, practical ideas for time-efficient music making. Lin Marsh and Richard Frostick have gathered over 150 ideas for composing, performing and appraising all of which are complemented by lyrical, catchy songs written by Lin Marsh. Sound Bites is the perfect resource for busy primary school teachers and is useful for both music specialists and non-specialists alike.

Publisher: Faber Music

ISBN: 0571525555

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  1. What Shall We Bring To The Harvest Festival?
  2. Tips On Singing
  3. Taking The Register
  4. Visiting Museums And Galleries
  5. Teeth
  6. Sirens And Bells
  7. Builders In School
  8. Telling A Story
  9. Sports Day Samba
  10. Lunchtime Rap
  11. The Building Song
  12. Computer Crazy
  13. Ceremonies And Special Occasions
  14. I Can Hear A Bee!
  15. Late Again
  16. Going On A School Trip
  17. Wet play today!